Our planet is facing some of its most difficult times with the scourge of climate change and seemingly endless pollution from humans and machines alike, it's been a battle our planet has been losing and this is why at FUND THE PLANET, we’re utilizing the power of blockchain technology to even the odds and win!
FUND THE PLANET is creating a platform that will bridge the gaps between technology, humanity, and nature, to achieve the crucial goal of conserving our planet's ecosystem by protecting endangered rainforests while concurrently offsetting the impact of our daily lives on the planet. We aim to redefine living sustainably by making it rewarding and accessible.
FUND THE PLANET was founded by Rene, Kuan-Ning, Nico, and Matthias and has grown to a team of more than 25 people located on five different continents (as of July 2022). We are passionate about nature and blockchain and leaving a better world behind for our children and many more generations to come.