Fund the planet for a flourishing nature!
FUND THE PLANET was founded by Rene, Nico, Matthias, and Kuan-Ning in May 2021. It started with the idea of tackling climate change and the other environmental crises with an innovative, straightforward approach:
Directly buying endangered rainforests,
Protecting it from deforestation, and
Creating a systematic change with the help of blockchain.
An non-fungible token (NFT) is a technology that can revolutionize pure impact investments. By bringing accountability to a new level and replacing traditionally immense middleman costs for verification and auditing through blockchain and transparency.
Our mission is to accelerate the conservation of endangered rainforests by providing a scalable, motivating, and rewarding solution for everyone - individuals and businesses alike. We see all other solutions falling short of achieving our vision of a better world: an Earth with a flourishing nature.
FUND THE PLANET is the brand of the German limited company Green Token GmbH, registered with company number HRB 254 267 and located at Neuhauser Straße 22, 80331 Munich, Germany.