Rainforest Explorer

The Rainforest Explorer (https://explorer.fundtheplanet.net/intro) is an interactive web application that was created to enhance the experience of being a rainforest token holder. It's a virtual world map that shows you the rainforest you're protecting by holding an RFT, bringing the NFT to life. With Rainforest Explorer, we hope to demonstrate that the RFT token is more than just another NFT; it's a tangible asset that can be viewed and verified by anyone in real-time, fostering a real connection with the rainforest and nature.
The Rainforest Explorer shows live data for every rainforest token in real-time.
The FTP team wants our protectors to be able to see the positive impact they're having by owning an RFT while giving them a more inclusive insight into the team's operations in procuring and protecting rainforests. The rainforest explorer gives our community the opportunity to take their sustainability to a more interactive level.
The Rainforest Explorer will give our protectors and the community at large access to lots of amazing features, such as:
Metamask Integration Enable exclusive features by logging in with Metamask as an owner of an RFT.
RFT Ranking See who else protects the world’s rainforests.
Digital World Map An interactive digital world map that shows the protected lands, the grid with RFTs, and their tags.
Social Tagging Tag your RFT with your social media profile on this website.
The purpose of the rainforest explorer is to bring a new level of transparency and tangibility to the rainforest token. Our aim is to create an immersive experience around the rainforest token, and the rainforest explorer does just that.
There will be lots of exciting updates, so be sure to keep an eye out. Until then, keep exploring and saving our rainforests.