Genesis Edition

The rainforest token genesis edition contains 635 rainforest token NFTs, representing 635 land parcels cut across 268 hectares of acquired land in Sarayacu, Peru.


Peru, Sarayacu district, Ucayali province, Loreto department.


6°44’41.65″S 75°11’18.34″W Area Size 567 ha.

CO2 Capturing

1.9 TCO2 per hectare.


Tropical humid warm climate average
Annual rainfall: 3000 mm
Average temperature of 26°C


Low hill forest.
Low terrace forest.
Flooded palm forest.


200+ registered or reported

Acquired until:

May 2122
The Genesis Edition is the first collection of its kind. It will precede subsequent collections, which are further down the roadmap, as we explore more ways to improve individual sustainability and fight climate change.
The cost model analysis of the Genesis Edition of the Rainforest token is accessible here