What is an RFT?

The Rainforest Token represents a unique intersection between blockchain technology and its possible contribution to the environment. A novel innovation that has the potential to redefine personal and corporate sustainability. This NFT is designed to make it easy and rewarding to save rainforests. These tokens represent land parcels in the Peruvian rainforest located in Sarayuca, Peru. Each NFT represents a piece of land with its unique metadata stored on the polygon blockchain. The FUND THE PLANET team has currently acquired 567 hectares of land at the time this article was written.
The rainforest token was designed to carry pertinent information such as ecoregion, CO2 sequestered, freshwater minted, how long the parcel will remain protected, and lots of data that can help individuals correctly estimate and evaluate their positive impact by purchasing a rainforest token. This non-fungible token was created to enable individuals to have a quantifiable positive effect on the environment, enjoy lots of rewards for being a protector, and disrupt the market by providing landowners the ability to monetize their property without the need for deforestation.