Frequently asked questions and their frequently given answers.

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How to buy Rainforest Tokens?

You can buy Rainforest Tokens in two different ways:
• Using cryptocurrencies or credit cards via the NFT marketplace Opensea.io. There you'll find RFTs being sold directly by FUND THE PLANET and RFTs being resold by others. It has a similar interface to eBay and is easy to navigate. A more detailed guide on how to purchase RFTs with cryptocurrencies can be found here.
• Peer-to-Peer purchase by contacting us here. This might be your preferred method if you'd either like to pay by bank wire, purchase large amounts, or are not a crypto expert, yet.

How are Rainforest Tokens valued?

Rainforest tokens take into account several financial factors, such as acquisition costs, maintenance, taxes, and more. You can find a detailed review of the cost model of the Rainforest Token Genesis Edition here

Are the NFTs minted on Opensea?

No, each NFT is minted via FUND THE PLANET's smart contract and can be sold on Opensea, or any other NFT marketplace. However, OpenSea is currently the most popular NFT marketplace.

Are you talking about the real, actual rainforest?

Absolutely, right we are! You can virtually visit the rainforest using the Rainforest Explorer and see the forests in real-time. Check it out here.

What is an NFT?

NFT is short for Non-Fungible Token. Non-fungible means “unique”. A dollar or bitcoin, for example, is fungible because all dollars are the same in value and other features. A non-fungible token is a digital representation of something of value; there is only one of it, and it cannot be copied. Here’s a more detailed explanation.

What are RFTs?

RFT stands for Rainforest Token and it represents a piece of real rainforest land. Each RFT is unique, and represents a specific piece of land, at a certain location. Furthermore, the RFT serves as a validation of your positive impact and grants you access to different services from FUND THE PLANET.

How do you create an NFT of a piece of land?

To begin, we purchase rainforest real estate in the traditional manner – with due diligence, a contract, a notary, a public register, and the payment of taxes. Then, we subdivide the rainforest acreage we've obtained into smaller sections. The Rainforest NFTs (RFTs) are then minted on the Polygon blockchain, which is an Ethereum second-layer protocol. Each RFT, and only that RFT, represents one of the rainforest's land parcels.
The rainforest and ownership information are open to the public and will be incorporated and linked through IFPS. Finally, the RFTs will be distributed through public marketplaces like opensea.io. This allows you to acquire, hold, and sell RFTs quickly, safely, and anonymously to meet your needs.

How is the rainforest ecosystem paid for?

The initial sale is enough to cover the costs of the land purchase, conservation work, taxes, etc. this spreadsheet details the financial background of how the rainforests are conserved.

Why do you tokenize rainforests and sell them on marketplaces?

We want to save our unique and valuable nature, and we can only succeed together. We want the RFTs to be publicly traded by everyone! Profits created from each sale will be used to purchase and preserve more rainforests.

who is stewarding the forests?

The FUND THE PLANET conservation committee located in Sarayacu is taking care of the land. The Committee consists of more than 50 members (as of August 2022) and is led by Mr. Angel Lopez (forest engineer and former landowner).

Why would I want to buy an RFT? What can I do with it?

You are not alone in your desire to effectively and transparently defend the rainforest from destruction. Unfortunately, most people – including you – are powerless to change anything right now. This is because it is not a straightforward process for an individual, and it can be frustrating and unrewarding.
RFTs, on the other hand, are a game-changer! By purchasing an RFT, you can follow through on your own beliefs and finally act with ecological integrity. Furthermore, with certifications and a variety of stunning features, you can confidently confirm and exhibit your work and devotion. The best aspect is that you can formally account for CO2 stored and caught, biodiversity maintained, freshwater and oxygen produced, and more with those certifications. The rainforest is indeed magnificent, and the rest of the world will be grateful for your efforts.

Where can I get a Rainforest Token?

The RFTs will be sold via public marketplaces such as opensea.io. This way, you can easily, safely, and anonymously buy, hold, and sell your RFTs to match your needs.

Do I directly own the rainforest represented by my RFT?

No, because the regulations and laws aren’t ready for this, yet. FUND THE PLANET will be the official owner in government papers, but only you, as the owner of RFT, are fully entitled to account for the positive impact of that piece of rainforest, while Fund the Planet takes care of the protection, preservation, administration, taxes, and other costs. Please check the terms and conditions as well as our contact page for more info!

Do I have any responsibilities by owning an RFT?

No. The owner of an RFT is the only party who is entitled to account for the environmental benefits, e.g. the CO2 capturing and storing – because it’s YOU who causes and maintains the change by owning the RFT! Besides enjoying the benefits, all responsibilities for preserving the rainforest are handled by us.

How is the rainforest saved through RFTs?

The seller of the rainforest land obviously wants to monetize it, and this usually works by clear-cutting it for agriculture or industrial use. By buying an RFT you basically overbid a mining company, cattle farmer, or someone else who would clear the land for business purposes. After shattering their not-so-sustainable dreams, we start to preserve the rainforest and never stop!

What are the benefits of owning a Rainforest Token?

RFTs offer the rare opportunity to have an actual, quantifiable impact on the planet. With the RFT you empower forest protection, keep endangered species alive, and you might well be at the forefront of the carbon emissions market that is estimated to hit $53 Trillion dollars by 2025.

What is the Polygon blockchain?

Polygon is an Ethereum layer-two blockchain network. It uses Proof of Stake to reach consensus and concurrently secure its blockchain and all the data it contains. Due to the consensus method it uses, Polygon is considered an environmentally friendly blockchain, as it doesn't require a lot of energy to carry out its transactions.

What is Matic?

Matic is an ERC-20 token on the Polygon blockchain network. This token is required to process transactions on the polygon blockchain in the form of transaction fees.

Do you have a white paper?

No, but we have the docs, which provide all the relevant information needed regarding FUND THE PLANET and its operations.
You didn't find the answer to your question? You can ask us directly on Discord or schedule a call.