Sustainability Investments

Providing meaningful economic alternatives to rainforest deforestation.
Through science and even by natural intellect, we have come to realize that nature, and especially the rainforests, is essential for our survival and well-being. Though we may not immediately experience the negative effects of chopping down trees or the extinction of a species or biome, we know that the consequences of our actions may catch up to us and our planet sooner or later. All of us have that intrinsic understanding of a concept called "sustainability".
Too frequently, people act in an unsustainable manner. There are primarily two reasons for that. On the one hand, capitalistic systems often function well and deliver prosperity to a lot of people, but they frequently favor short-term benefits over long-term success. On the other hand, excruciating poverty results in decisions that are made in the short term to meet very basic demands like food and health. With Rainforest Tokens, we hope to address and solve these social problems. RFTs are a fully sustainable solution that makes doing something genuinely impactful more motivating and rewarding in the short and long term.
FTP Team interacting with the locals of the Sarayacu community.
Local communities directly gain from our approach to rainforest conservation and use of this beautiful land. FUND THE PLANET contributes to the sustainable growth of the surrounding towns of Sarayacu and Orellana (LINK TO GOOGLE MAPS) (LINK TO GOOGLE MAPS).
FTP Team addressing the people of Sarayacu District, Peru before a friendly football match.
We are currently working on:
Local job creation: Every RFT is a viable alternative to deforestation as a means of earning a living! The conservation committee has already produced 20 part-time jobs in Sarayacu and regularly provides jobs for field trips.
Eco-tourism: Together with the locals, we take RFT owners and others on an exciting trip to the heart of the rainforest they protect! This journey's ticket will be an NFT called a Jungle Expedition Ticket.
Nature photography: We expose the magnificence of the conserved rainforest to the digital world through nature photography NFTs. The local community will be actively involved in the creation of these pictures and films.