How RFTs help to live more sustainably?

The Amazon Rainforest is the richest ecosystem on Earth. A true powerhouse for offsetting your ecological impact!
Your life relies on healthy natural ecosystems that provide oxygen, freshwater, food and offset your massive CO2 emission and pollution. It’s time to take ownership of our actions before someone cuts them down!
The Rainforest Protection Campaign is the foundation of FUND THE PLANET. We protect every square of the rainforest we acquire through the campaign, and only you are accountable for all its positive impacts.
The Rainforest Token is a one-of-a-kind NFT designed to make rainforest conservation simple and rewarding.

You guard the endangered rainforest!

You can help save the rainforest by purchasing a Rainforest Token. We provide complete transparency!

You account for the positive impact!

A practical, transparent & motivating solution to offset your ecological footprint and act accordingly to your environmental beliefs.
Rainforest Tokens are the first digital assets that will enable you to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Your Rainforest Token absorbs your environmental footprint, saves endangered rainforests, and verifies your positive impact, all powered by blockchain technology! Rainforest Token prices are determined by the size of the area because they are backed by actual rainforest land. To learn more, go to the Rainforest Explorer!

Significant long term effect!

Acquiring an RFT has a long-term impact on our planet. So massive that your grandchildren will be able to see it!