Why we need to FUND THE PLANET
It's a shared knowledge amongst the majority of people - maybe even every single one of us: Nature is essential, we need to protect it, but we are far off of doing enough.
This seems to be a natural instinct in us, but also it's a scientific fact. We are getting closer and closer to various tipping points - each of them marking a collapse of an important ecosystem. This will eventually lead to a global collapse of Earth's ecosystem. The world's rainforests are one of the most endangered ecosystems and one of the most crucial for humanity and Earth.
Our nature shares two major threats: 1) Capitalism: Seeking exponential growth while exploiting natural resources in a highly competitive way (see tragedy of the commons). 2) Poverty: The overwhelming need to fulfill basic needs and deforestation as the only accessible way to do so.
Our approach is to FUND THE PLANET, meaning making our ecosystems more competitive in a capitalistic society and help local communities to develop and overcome poverty in a environmental sustainable way.
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